It’s a Mystery,

no it’s a Thriller, no it’s a Love Story.

News to Die For, Robert E. Kimball’s first novel, is three stories in one. The action takes place at a family-owned daily newspaper in downtown Tucson. Meghan Lafferty and her two brothers are heirs to the family paper, The Tucson Independent. She thinks she can save the paper, but she’s faced with next to impossible roadblocks the world-wide newspaper business is in the tank, The Independent is near bankruptcy, her father, the present publisher thinks women are best suited to be homemakers and her brother Bradley thinks he’s been promised the publisher’s job.
Kimball had always wanted to write a novel, but something always got in the way. He had thought he could work full time and find time to write. The problem was, he always had jobs that were far more than full time. For most of his career, he was a department store executive where sixty-hour work weeks were the norm. After twenty- five years in the retail business, he decided he really wanted to learn to write better, so he accepted an offer to become a reporter at the Nogales International newspaper in Nogales, Arizona. “There’s nothing like having your story come back from the editor covered with red editing marks to make you realize how much you have to learn,” Kimball said.
Kimball and his wife Terry had always wanted to design and build their own home. In 1980, they moved to Patagonia, Arizona and started to build their dream house. He said they could build it themselves in three years—took thirty-two. Even after retiring from the Nogales International in 2005, where he had become editor and publisher, the unfinished house still loomed. The house was finally finished in 2013. He could finally write full time. News to Die For was finally published in 2020.
News to Die For is available at in print or as an e-book.


Robert E. Kimball

In 2005, after retiring as editor and publisher from the Nogales International newspaper in Nogales, Arizona, Robert E. Kimball began to research, then to write his first novel, News to Die For. His research included reading more than thirty books about the newspaper business..


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